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 Jewish roots in scriptures

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PostSubject: Jewish roots in scriptures   Jewish roots in scriptures EmptyTue Nov 06, 2007 8:12 am

Itís only been in the last few years that Iíve read more about believers trying to understand scriptures based on their Jewish roots.

For me that realization came when a previously useless (Iím just being honest) portion of a scripture was explained. So I went from thinking Ė ok, so there was a piece of cloth left in the tomb to reading about the Jewish custom at the time and my heart leaping!

Are there publications that have explanations along with the scriptures? You know so I donít have to buy a library of books to search through Ė the research has already been done. (I just know it can take hours to try to track down things). Thanks!
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Jewish roots in scriptures Empty
PostSubject: Re: Jewish roots in scriptures   Jewish roots in scriptures EmptyTue Nov 06, 2007 2:22 pm

Hi turtt,

My recomendation is before buying anything or reading anything that any one has written, you start with the Torah, right in our bibles, the first five books. Study them, get familiar with them, and you will see how much your understanding grows when reading things Yeshua says or Peter or Paul. That should be your foundation.

Then when you have that down ( and did you know Jews as well as Messianics read through the Torah in a one year cycle, over and over again, because it is the foundation, and without that foundations everything else falls misunderstood.

Try this place, this will help you to know where we are at and give a nice prospective to the torah portions.


Here is a place you can choose to read the portion or to listen to it, even on the go on your mp3 player.


Check out the resources links here http://ffoz.org/downloads/torah_study_resources/index.html

You will have to join, but it's free, and you can get a weekly torah commentary sent to your email. Also the Messiah magazine they put out is pretty good.
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Jewish roots in scriptures
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