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 wow, wow and more wow

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wow, wow and more wow Empty
PostSubject: wow, wow and more wow   wow, wow and more wow EmptyMon Nov 26, 2007 2:53 pm

i heard a jew speaking today about the
bible, and this particular jew spoke around eight languages (he could
read and write them as well - don't people like that make you

anyway he said, in translating the hebrew text, things never come out right...for example

he said 'in the beginning, God created......'b-r-a-sh-y-t'

the phrase -in the beginning' is one hebrew word

now this one word is actually made up of four other words, these words are 'in' - 'create' - 'head - birth' - 'dress/clothe'.

wow!!! so in bringing things into being (create), God gave birth (head - birth) to and clothed (dressed) His workmanship.

anyway I was well impressed, this does not really come out in the english at all.

does anyone else have any eye opening scriptural titbits.


p.s. i know i have not spelled it right - this was done to show the letters only

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wow, wow and more wow
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