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 Gods special gift to me this morning....

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PostSubject: Gods special gift to me this morning....   Fri Aug 24, 2007 9:10 pm

Hi guys,
Just want to share with you something special that I've just had the joy to experience. I've got a couple of very furry dogs and as I was looking out a window a moment ago, I noticed a "magpie" (Australian black & white bird) collecting some of my dogs fur and she/he was obviously taking it to build a nest. It's nesting season for birds here now.....I thought it was really special for God to let me see His creatures using the fur of one of my pets to build his home.

Smiles, Vella. queen
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PostSubject: Re: Gods special gift to me this morning....   Tue Aug 28, 2007 10:49 am

Isn't G-d awesome in how he made his creations to interact? I remember one year seeing something similar, we had a white shepherd at the time and she was an outside dog so she would always grow a very thick coat for the winter. In the spring it would come off in huge clumps, you could have stuffed a feather bed with it there was so much! But I do recall seeing various birds using it to line their nests with. It was very soft, almost like a down, so I'm sure they must have been nice and cozy in there.

Sometimes they would also come down and drink out of her water bowl or eat some of her leftover food. Her house was at the edge of our property where the lawn met the wooded area so sometimes she would have deer going across the back of her house on their way to the river for a drink.
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Gods special gift to me this morning....
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