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 G-d's blessing to Abraham

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G-d's blessing to Abraham Empty
PostSubject: G-d's blessing to Abraham   G-d's blessing to Abraham EmptyMon Nov 10, 2008 3:24 am

i have always read (grossly paraphrased)....

who blesses you (Abraham and descendants) I will bless, and
who ever curses you I will curse....

just recently i noted that the two words in the first line for 'bless' are both essential forms of the Hebrew word 'barak' - to bless (obviously)...

but in the second line, the words 'curse' are not the same.... the fist one, is from the Hebrew, qalal - which means to show contempt towards or belittle, whereas the latter 'curse' is from the word 'arar' which does mean to curse.

would others agree with my assertion then that to belittle Abraham and his offspring, brings a person under G-d's judgement? OR does it apply to Abraham only (and exclude his children)?


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G-d's blessing to Abraham
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