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 words and their meanings

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PostSubject: words and their meanings   Tue Sep 11, 2007 4:15 am

Acharit hayamim – end of days

Adonai – Lord

Adonai-Eloheynu – Lord our God

Adonai-Tzva’ot – Lord of Hosts, heavens armies

Am-ha’aretz – people of the land, common person, not educated

Avinu – our father

Beit-Anyah – Bethany

Beit-Lechem – Bethlehem

Beit-Pagey – Bethphage

Beit-Tzaidah – Bethsaida

Beit-Zata – Bethesda

B’rit – covenant, contract

B’rit Chadashah – New Testament

B’rit Milah – covenant of circumcision

Challah – loaf/bread commonly eaten on the Sabbath

Chametz – leavened dough – with yeast

Chutzpah – boldness, insolence

Cohen / cohanim – priest/priests

Cohen gadol – high priest

Drash – teaching, study

Eliyahu – Elijah

Elohim – God or Gods

Eretz Israel – the land of Israel

Galil – the Galilee

Gamliel – a pharisee the teacher of Paul

Get – divorce certificate

Goy(im) – gentil(es)

Ha Elyon – the Most High

HaG’dulah BaM’romim – the Greatness on High

HaG’vurah – the Power

HaKadosh – the Holy One

Hallel – Praise, also Psalms 113-118, the great Hallel (136)

HaM’vorakh – the Blessed One

HaShem – the Name

Hoshanah Rabbah – great hosanna, more specifically, the last day of Succot

Kannah – Cana

Kapparah – atonement

Kayafa – Caiaphus

Kefa – Cephas / Peter

K’farNachum – Capernaum

Korban – animal sacrifice or gift

L’vi(im) – temple worker(s)

Macher – a doer, zealous, big cheese

Mamzer – offspring of improper relationship

Marana’ta – our Lord come

Mashiach – Messiah

Mattityahu – Matthew

Matzah – unleavened bread

M’chitzah – dividing wall

Menorah – lamp with seven candles

Mentsh – good reliable person

Meshugga – crazy

Midrash – homiletical interpretation of a text

Mikveh – pool of water for ritual purification

Minchah – afternoon sacrifice/prayers

Miryam – Mary

Mitvah/mitzyot – command/s

Moshe – Moses

Motza’eiShabbat – Saturday evening

Natzeret – Nazareth

N’tilatya-dayim – ceremonial handwashing

Nudnik – boring, pest

OlamHaba – world to come

OlamHazeh – this world

Parokhet – curtain in holy of holies

Parush – Pharisee

P’rushim – Pharisees

Rabbini – my great one, teacher

Rosh Chodesh – festival of the new moon

Ruach HaKodesh – Holy Spirit

Ruach Elohim – Spirit of God

Sanhedrin – religious court

HaSatan – the Satan – adversary

Seder – order of doing things, eg Passover

Sekhel – common sense

Shabbat/Shabbatot – Sabbath(s)

Shalom – peace, welfare, contentedness, and more

Shalom Aleikhem – peace be upon you

Sharav – hot dry wind

Shaul – Saul/Paul

Shavu’ot – feast of weeks/Pentecost

Sh’eilah(lot) – question about halakhah

Sh’khinah – manifest presence of God

Shmoose – chit chat

Shofar – trumpet, Rams horn

S’mikhah – laying on of hands

Succot – feast of booths (tabernacles)

Talmid(ah) – very close apprentice, disciple(s)

Tanakh – Hebrew Bible

T’filin – boxes tied to the hand and head, containing scripture

Torah – teaching, often poorly translated as ‘law’

Treif – torn, non kosher

T’shuvah – turn back, repent

Tsuris – troubles

Tzaddik(im) – righteous person(s)

Tz-dukim – Sadducees, from Zadok, i.e. Zadokites

Tzitzit, tzitziyot – cords in corners of clothing/prayer cloth

Yeshua – Jesus

Yerushalyim – Jerusalem

Yochanan – John, means God gives grace

Yom Kippur – day of atonement, aka ‘the Fast'

Now to Him who is able to keep you from falling .... be glory, honour, power and authority, before all time, now, and forever (Jude v24&25)
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PostSubject: Re: words and their meanings   Wed Dec 12, 2007 4:20 pm

Yeshua actually means Salvation or Salvation of G-d, not Jesus steve. Wink
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PostSubject: Re: words and their meanings   Thu Dec 13, 2007 1:41 am

sorry, i was not attempting to provide the meaning of jesus' name, just the regular alternative, but that's ok.

p.s. i like what you have done it looks very nice.

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PostSubject: Re: words and their meanings   Thu Feb 14, 2008 8:48 pm

Currently my Hebrew is Much slower than when i was in class!

A list of animals has the chicken: (end to beg. as (L) to (R))
hay rash vav vait Dalet = d'vorakh

HaM’vorakh – the Blessed One

If the spelling is the same [sounds like it]; i know roots have family connections [sorta speak] -- i wonder what the message would be there?
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PostSubject: Re: words and their meanings   

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words and their meanings
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